Hazlemere Coronavirus Support

These pages provide information on our local support network for Hazlemere residents who are self-isolating, vulnerable, or otherwise in need as a result of the current coronavirus crisis. Roads covered by the scheme are shown on this page. Thank you to all the local volunteers who have signed up to help! There is lots of information for volunteers on this page.

We can help with:

  • Shopping: a number of local shops (including the CoOp Hazlemere Parade and the Kings Ride Supermarket) are accepting telephone orders, and some will deliver. There are useful updates on the Hazlemere Coronavirus Community Group Facebook page. We can help if you are not able to organise your own shopping.
  • Prescriptions: we have arrangements to collect prescriptions from local pharmacies. If you want us to collect prescriptions please give us as much warning as possible and remember you will need to give your name, address and datae of birth.
  • Other support: whether this is practical help or just someone to talk to, we will try to help or suggest someone else who can.

If you need help:

  • Call us on 01494 578939 and leave a message. Please be sure to tell us at least the name of the street that you live on, your name, and what you need.
  • Alternatively you can email us from this form

Donate here to support the work of the volunteers.

Repay here if you have had shopping done for you and need to pay by credit/debit card.

There is news and current information on the Hazlemere Coronavirus Community Group on Facebook