Hazlemere Coronavirus Volunteers Information

Safety and Safeguarding

It’s vital that volunteers understand how to reduce risks to the people we are trying to help. You can access the latest guidance via the Buckinghamshire Council Coronavirus Hub. Also see this excellent introduction to safeguarding from the National Food Service

Shopping for somebody else

We are working with the Co-Op, Park Parade, Hazlemere, 01494 717080, who will accept telephone orders and deliver. There are other local shops that will accept telephone orders, sometimes on a ‘phone and collect’ basis or a delivery basis – see list below.

If you offer to shop for somebody else, here are some tips to keep you both safe.

Dealing with payment

Wherever possible, it’s best for the individual to pay over the phone on their own card so that you just collect. If this is not possible, follow our tips.

Collecting prescriptions

This requires extra care. Hazlemere Volunteers has organised a regular system for collection of prescriptions, which is quicker and easier for the pharmacies, so it’s best if requests are phoned in to the Helpline, giving a few days warning before they are needed. But if you do agree to collect a prescription for someone:

  • Make sure you know the name, address and date of birth of the person you are collecting for – the pharmacist is likely to ask.
  • Do not give any advice on the doses, preparation or administration of medication, even if you have a relevant qualification.

Working with other organisations

A number of Government/local authority support schemes have also been set up to support people during the coronavirus lock-down, so here is a note of who the main organisations are and how to connect up with them if necessary. However, official organisations will be focussing on the most vulnerable/needy, so local voluntary groups like Hazlemere Volunteers will still be very much needed in the coming months.

Telephone befriending

If you are asked to make regular calls to someone who is self-isolating, here are some useful tips.

Avoiding scams

Sadly, a number of coronavirus scams have been reported. The Trading Standards Scams Hub has useful information.