Charitable Grants

One of Hazlemere Hall’s objectives, according to the constitution, is

the provision of grants and funding to organisations and for projects which make an application to the CIO and which will apply the funds for exclusively charitable purposes in a way that benefits the community of Hazlemere and improves the conditions of life for its inhabitants;

The trustees have issued Criteria for Grant Funding which expand on the objective. Any  project/event/activity may qualify for a grant if it is not for profit and is to offer a service to the Hazlemere community, is for the personal enhancement of someone in the community, is for the improvement of community clubs or facilities.

Any local person is encouraged to apply, who may fulfil the criteria.

Please apply by sending an email, explaining the purpose of the grant, how much is required and any other details that may assist the trustees in making  a decision.

Grants already made

Chiltern Stroke Club (March 2023)Donation to enable their members to travel for a club outing by wheelchair accessible coach.
Manor Farm Pre-School & Manor Farm Pre-School PTA (Feb 2023)Donations towards purchase of equipment for outdoor learning activity.
Cedar Park School (Dec 2022)Donation towards purchase of equipment for outdoor learning activity.
Chiltern Stroke Club (Oct 2021)Hire of a coach to take a party to The Royal Albert Hall.
Friends of Hazlemere COE SchoolNew School Roof appeal. Additional donation to replace stolen laptops.
Hazlemere FeteA contribution to Hazlemere Fete which takes place on August Bank Holiday.
Hazlemere Tennis club.A contribution to the centenary celebrations.
Cotswold Cottage in Grange RoadA donation towards the cost of upgrading the facilities for the residents.
Hazlemere RunnersFree use of the hall for the Hazlemere fun run.
Hazlemere Community CentreAssist in the fundraising to improve their facilites
Hazlemere Football ClubAssistance in reseeding pitches damaged in the very wet spring
Chiltern Stroke ClubProvision of transport to enable a visit, for all disabled members, to the musical museum in Kew.
Hazlemere Football Clubspecialist groundwork on the main pitch that should ensure a better playing surface this season.