Coronavirus Support Network Donations

Hazlemere Memorial Hall is administering a scheme to provide food parcels for our most vulnerable residents, who will all be self-isolating, and for others in need of help as a result of the virus.

Many people who rely on relatives to keep their fridge stocked are to frail or disorientated to organise the ordering and payment of food themselves.

There are willing volunteers in Hazlemere to purchase a sensible food parcel for these people, but money is needed to pay for the parcel.

Donations will also be used to support the costs of running the network, there are extensive phone bills and many volunteers are using a lot of petrol. As the crisis develops there will be other costs which we will need to navigate to keep the network running

A donation will smooth the way and enable us to feed our most vulnerable people in these extra-ordinary times. Anything you can give will be most welcome. Use the button below to make a donation, whether by card or from your PayPal account.

If you want to check up on the way that the donations are used then please email