Grant Criteria

Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO
Criteria for Grant Funding

1. Introduction

The Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO (HMH) is a local charity, registered with the Charity Commissioners (Registered Number 1161481), which was established to meet the following objectives:

a) provide and maintain the HMH building at the Hazlemere Recreation Ground for the local Hazlemere community, on a not-for profit basis; and

b) to use any profit that is made, to grant fund organisations and projects which benefit the community of Hazlemere and improve the life of our residents.

Grants are awarded to not-for-profit voluntary and community sector groups, based and operating in Hazlemere. If you are unsure as to whether address or location is within Hazlemere please use the interactive map on the Parish Council website (details below).
Grants will usually be awarded for one-off projects/events/activities.
The maximum award will usually be £500 but the trustees have discretion to award slightly larger grants.

2. Main Criteria

  • A project/event/activity must not be for profit and must meet at least one of the objectives of the charity described in 1 a) and b) above. The trustees of HMH want to meet these objectives by funding initiatives that achieve one or more of the following things
  • offer a service to the local Hazlemere community, which will be of direct benefit to some of our residents
  • the personal enhancement of one or more members of our community
  • creation or improvement of the facilities and infrastructure of the Hazlemere community
  • Improvement of existing clubs and activities that are already enjoyed by our community
  • creation of new activities that some of our community can enjoy in the future
  • any other activity that meets the charity’s objectives that the trustees decide to be in the best interests of the Hazlemere community.

Evidence must also be provided to show that a grant will provide value for money, in terms of what can be achieved for our residents. No group is expected to meet all of the above, however there may a strong synergy between the priorities and actions in one area that may contribute to the delivery of more than one of our priorities.

3. Examples of the Desired Outcomes for Hazlemere

Examples of the type of application which would meet the criteria are listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • community days and projects
  • children’s activities
  • adult education
  • resources to care and safeguard our elderly residents
  • homelessness
  • personal development of community members
  • conservation & wildlife projects
  • sports activities including assistance to sports clubs
  • hobby clubs e.g. equipment, events

4. Causes that we can’t help with

  • Profit making commercial organisations or local businesses
  • For campaigning or political purposes

5. Grant Conditions

A condition of every grant is that:

  • There should be at least 3 weeks between receipt of applications and the start of activities in order for the assessment process to be completed and proof to be provided to show a grant is needed.
  • A report must be submitted within 6 weeks of completion of the project/event/activity.
  • The report must provide evidence that the grant has achieved value for money for HMH and those funds have been used wisely for the benefit of the Hazlemere community.
  • Successful applicants will usually be expected to acknowledge HMH’s support on all publicity material.

6. Process

Applications will be decided by a simple majority vote of the trustees of the HMH CIO, who meet at least once a month. The trustees may ask you to present to them. There are currently 5 trustees. Where there is an even number of trustees, the Chairman has a casting vote.
In general, applicants will receive funding in advance. The small size of most voluntary and community groups means that they are reliant on grants and donations to deliver their project and cannot go ahead unless a grant is received in advance. It is essential that applicants provide evidence with their applications of the need for a grant and that the activity for which funding is required, which may not go ahead without it.
Applications must be from the person applying or by an officer of the applying organisation e.g. Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.
Grants may be applied for at any time during the year. However, HMH has a finite budget and grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Decisions will usually be made within 6 weeks of receipt of applications.

For details of the Hazlemere map please visit and select ‘Facilities.’
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