Hiring Terms And Conditions

1. Use of Hazlemere Memorial Hall facilities
Use of the facilities is subject to the following rules and in the case of hirers, to certain standard conditions incorporated in the hiring agreement

2. Deposit/Indemnity
A deposit may be requested to cover damage and/or breakages. This deposit will be refunded within 72 hours provided that no damages or breakages are discovered following your event. Failure to return any door entry fob or key provided will result in a charge to cover the costs of replacement.  The hirer agrees to indemnify the Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO Trustees for all damages and compensation claims sought by all relevant parties for damage or harm caused by your guests to any individual(s)/sports clubs or to their land or property inside the building and/or in the immediate vicinity outside the Hall.

3. Equal Opportunities
Hazlemere Memorial Hall will be open to all members of the community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs or marital status

4. Applying to hire any of the rooms/facilities.
• Application for use of any of the rooms shall be made to the Hazlemere Memorial Hall office using the online booking system.
• Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO reserves the right to cancel bookings in exceptional circumstances or when the premises are deemed unfit for intended use.
• All payments must be received by the relevant due date and prior to hire.

5. Amplified Music
No bands, excessive amplification of music or viewing of live TV is permitted without prior permission from the Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO.

6. Opening Hours
Hirers need to vacate all rooms by 11:30pm unless extended hours have been granted by the Hazlemere Memorial CIO in advance.

7. Maximum Capacity
The maximum capacity of the De Havilland Room is 70 persons.
The maximum capacity of the Ken Williams Room is 50 persons.

8. Use of the Bar within the Ken Williams Room.

Should you require a bar service for your event, please indicate this when you make your booking. A temporary event licence will need to be obtained at least 7 days prior to your event at a cost of currently £21. Our bar management team reserve the right to refuse to supply alcohol to anyone displaying inappropriate behaviour whilst on our premises.

9. Safety Requirements
All conditions attached to the hiring of the facilities at Hazlemere Memorial Hall shall be strictly observed. Nothing shall be done to endanger the users of the building or the public.

a) Safeguarding Children. On weekday hirings up until 6.15pm the front door must never be left open and should be manned at all times to let only those guests known to the hirer into the building using the green button to the right of the front door entrance next to the office.

b) Fire Exit Procedures. It is the responsibility of the hirer to unlock the fire door in the club room leading to the balcony. In the event of a fire, this is the primary fire exit escape route and needs to be operated by the emergency door release next to the door.

c) Bouncy Castles and other indoor play equipment: are permitted in the De Havilland Room only. This room has a high ceiling. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to supervise children using such equipment. Any hirer wishing to hire a bouncy castle or other indoor play equipment to use at our venue do so at their own risk. They should also ensure that their supplier has adequate insurance in place. The Trustees of the Hazlemere Memorial Hall accept no responsibility nor any liability for any accidents arising from use of such play equipment.

• Obstructions must not be placed in front of the emergency exits to allow immediate access in case of an emergency.
• The emergency lighting supply must remain turned on during the whole time the building is occupied and must illuminate all exit signs and routes.
• Firefighting equipment must be kept in its place and only used for its intended purpose.
• The fire brigade should be called to any outbreak of fire. Please instruct your guests to assemble on the basketball court behind the Hall car park.
• Highly flammable substances shall not be brought in to the building.
• The use of candles, naked lights, matches, lighters or smoke machines of any description is prohibited except where matches or lighters are used to light a cake.
• No unauthorised heating appliances shall be used within the building.
• All electrical equipment brought in to the building shall comply with current Electricity at Work Regulations.
• No illegal substances or offensive weapons to be brought onto the premises.

Please ensure that all external windows and doors are left secure before you vacate the building.

10. Supervision
The hirer or person in charge of the activity shall not be under the age of 21 and shall be on the premises for the entire hire period. Children must be supervised at all times by responsible adult(s).

11. Access to other areas
Except in the event of a fire, it is expressly forbidden for your guests to enter the tennis courts area via the fire exit metal stairway. The nursery play and bowls rink areas and accompanying land is also out of bounds. Your guests are allowed to stand on the balcony only but are forbidden to use the metal stairway for any reason other than using it as a fire exit route out of the building. The fields next to the car park(s) are recreation grounds open to the general public.

12. Storage
Permission from Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO must be obtained before goods or equipment are left or stored at Hazlemere Memorial Hall. All private equipment must be removed on the day the room is hired as no storage space is available

13. Loss of Property
Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO cannot accept any responsibility for damage to or loss or theft of the hirers’ property and effects from any of the rooms within the building or in the immediate vicinity outside the Hall.

14. Car Parking
Car parking is available at Hazlemere Memorial Hall but is not for the sole use of the hirers, with vehicles strictly prohibited from parking on Hazlemere recreation ground. Vehicles are left at the owner’s risk. Please park considerately.

15. Nuisance
• Litter shall not be left on site.
• Except in the case of aid dogs, dogs shall not be permitted in to Hazlemere Memorial Hall.
• Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of their function or activity does not cause inconvenience to other hirers in the building, or to occupiers of nearby houses and property.

16. Cleaning & Security
All use of Hazlemere Memorial Hall and its facilities are subject to users accepting responsibility for returning furniture and equipment to their original position, and for securing the windows and doors of the building. Please supply your own rubbish bags and remove all rubbish from site. All users shall leave the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition.
Changing Rooms
Changing rooms must be left tidy after use. Black bins and dustpan and brush will be provided to clean excess mud from the changing rooms, toilets and corridor.
The washing of boots is strictly prohibited in the changing rooms and showers.

17. Cancellation of Bookings
Bookings confirmed by the hirer and then cancelled 28 days or more before the date of the event will incur a 25% cancellation charge. Where bookings are cancelled less than 28 days prior to the date of room hire the cancellation charge will be 50%. The full charge will be payable where the cancellation takes place less than 14 days prior to the function. Cancellation charges may be waived at Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO’s discretion

18. Sports Club Bookings (Hazlemere Sports Association member clubs)
The club making the booking will be liable for any damages caused to any of the facilities. If an individual from that club or their invited guests breaches the terms and conditions the club which made the booking will be held responsible. Any breaches of these terms and conditions will jeopardize future booking for that club.